Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lifes Most Definitely Not To Short.

So; "life's too short." Life is not to short. Well not our lives. The average death age of men in 2009 was 78, women 81. Surely such a comment as "life's too short" would be a generalisation having taken into account an average; 79/80 years is not a short time by anybodies standards until it's passed. But most of the time you sit there.
Waiting for it to tick by anyway.

Still under construction.

Just a quick one to say obviously this isn't my permanent link; I am in the process of sorting out my own domain.

There will be a few sections on their:
Music I love.
People who inspire me.
Works I'm doing and the spanners thrown into them.
And random thoughts I have.

"Stay Tuned"

Old Spice

 This is fantastic:

Search Terry Crews after this one too.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

No genius without madness

So, I've had my first week at college, and I don't know whether its my unfit mind being now routinely exercised or maybe my intellect is improving ten-fold; but my thoughts are getting progressively more abstract. Maybe a sign of intelligence? Maybe I'm going insane? Through genius there is an essence of insanity right? I guess I'm on the right track.